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KMAJET released small-format flatbed UV printer

UV printing has been around for about a decade, but the cost and size of the equipment has been prohibitive. Utilizing a low-watt LED UV light and specialized proprietary UV LED inks, KMAJET has made a breakthrough to bring this technology … Continue reading

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KMAJET newly developed white ink management system

Nowadays, white printing application becomes more and more popular and important in the garment printing market, as the micro nozzle and chemical properties of white ink, head clogging is an issue with all DTG printers for a long time. KMAJET … Continue reading

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What Is DTG Printer

DTG Printer stands for Direct To Garment Printer; as the name suggests with the help of this printer any person can print anything that they like onto a piece of clothing. There have been times when we get excited after … Continue reading

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How to print on leather?

How is printed leather made? Do you know how do brand-name logos and designs end up on leather shoes, belts, purses, ipad cases, phone covers etc ? Here is our solution-print on leather digitally. If you read our older post … Continue reading

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Turn to KMAJET digital flatbed printer for special printing tasks

It has always been claimed that digital flatbed printers have a wide range of application possibilities. While this is indeed undeniable, sometimes, you do need some extra device in order to make a special printing task possible. KMAJET has always … Continue reading

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How to print photos on canvas

Imagine your photos of personal memories, friends and family transcribed to a canvas print and mounted on wooden frames similar to traditional oil paintings. What a great idea for wall decoration!   Wondering how you could get those great digital … Continue reading

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Create customized ipad cases with KMAJET digital leather printer

How to print on leather Today many businesses are still in the process of seeking for a leather printing technique that meet their requirements of high quality, low cost as well simple procedure. As we all know, screen printing is … Continue reading

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Difference between Dye and Pigment Inks

Dye inks and pigment inks are used to print documents, photographs and almost any kind of small scale printing that you need to do from your printer on a regular basis. The difference between pigment ink and dye ink, is … Continue reading

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Digital Printer vs. Offset Printer

Whereas the need to print has always been an integral part of almost every business, the media craze of recent times has seen a significant surge in printing demands. Printing demands for postcards, business cards and color flyers are some … Continue reading

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The Main Digital Printing Methods

First – What is digital printing? Printing digitally is a technology that permits the linking of printing presses to computers which proves beneficial in a number of ways: faster turnaround times, lowered production and setup costs, and the ability to … Continue reading

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