Direct to Garment Printing Technology

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG printing, digital garment printing and inkjet to garment printing, is a process of printing directly onto a garment or any other type of printable object such as a mouse pad or coaster to name a couple. Direct to garment printing is fairly new and a great option for small run orders. Unlike screen printing direct to garment printing typically has no setup fees which is why this is great and the only option for low run orders.  The reason for this is to print a shirt or any other object all that has to be done is load the design on the CPU, send it to the printer, print it, and then cure it in the heat press. It is that simple. With direct to garment printing the color palette is unlimited which allows you to have anything printed with any colors. Therefore you could have a photo printed on a t-shirt and give it to grandma. Another bonus is name dropping on each item. This can not be done with screen printing since a screen would have to been burned for each name and this is just not feasible.

Advantages of Direct to Garment Printing

  • Specializes in low run orders.
  • Can print one at a time.
  • Prints full color prints that have intricate details.
  • Designs are not felt on the garment.
  • Garments are easily customizable and little tweaks may be made.
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