Create customized ipad cases with KMAJET digital leather printer

How to print on leather

Today many businesses are still in the process of seeking for a leather printing technique that meet their requirements of high quality, low cost as well simple procedure.
As we all know, screen printing is especially painstaking, involving many detailed steps that are different to control, while some other printing options involves extra process of pre-treating the leather surface in order to deliver required prints.

This extra process could, however, do damages to the fine texture and touch of leather itself. This problem is well solved by KMAJET specially formulated leather ink. With KMAJET leather printer, the leather printing process is as simple as printing on paper with desktop inkjet printer, no extra procedure required-no need of pre-treating the leather surface.

The only manual work involved is that you need to put and flatten your leather piece onto the flatbed of the printer, all the job left is down by a computer connected to your KMAJET printer.

A perfect example of customized leather printing business

I got really impressed the other day by Gina Alexander, a successful leather bag customization entrepreneur.

This L.A.-based designer has created a variety of handbags and other kinds of accessories that allow the customer to design these unique pieces with their personal photography or art that travel with you each day, reminding you of the people, places and things you love!. That means that you can have a completely unique handbag, ipad cover, pocketbook, women’s wallet etc. Sounds a lot of fun? More than that, a totally customized bag is an absolutely necessary accessory.

Inspired by Gina Alexander?
Don’t hesitate to go ahead and learn more about how to print on leather  at .

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