How to print on leather?

How is printed leather made?

Do you know how do brand-name logos and designs end up on leather shoes, belts, purses, ipad cases, phone covers etc ?

Here is our solution-print on leather digitally. If you read our older post on how to create customized leather ipad cases, you will have a general idea on how this is worked out. You are also recommended to visit our youtube page to see the video clip of leather printing at .

In this article, we are about to share more about inkjet leather printing technique.

Printed Genuine Leather

What kind of ink is used for leather printing?

Using the appropriate ink on your chosen leather pieces will not only affect the quality of the print, it will also determine its longevity, brightness and colorfastness. Leather requires certain kinds of ink to get the best printing results.

Through numerous testing, KMAJET found out that acid ink delivers the best color yield on leather. Unlike most inkjet inks that stay on the surface of the material, acid ink will penetrate into the inner layer of the material so as to guarantee the longevity and rub fastness of leather prints.  This explains also why cracking or peeling is not a justifiable concern with KMAJET inkjet leather printing. Even in extremely low temperature environment, the prints are able to remain the same throughout the lifetime of your, say, leather jacket.

This corrosive aspect of the acid ink poses higher demand on the quality of the entire ink supply system, including printer head, ink tubes, dampers, ink bottle etc, all of which need to be anticorrosive. 

Printed PU Leather

Whatever the leather type, from PU leather, PC leather to genuine leather, at KMAJET, there will always be a printing solution that is right for you.

Leather produced with this digital model is surely your right answer.

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