Turn to KMAJET digital flatbed printer for special printing tasks

It has always been claimed that digital flatbed printers have a wide range of application possibilities. While this is indeed undeniable, sometimes, you do need some extra device in order to make a special printing task possible.

KMAJET has always been dedicating to the development of auxiliary devices to facilitate the printing process and to meet the various printing demands and so far, the efforts have been very rewarding:

KMA02H with integrated heating system

KMA02H with integrated heating system

Pre–heating of the substrate is, sometimes, required in order to deliver high quality prints due to the physical properties of the substrate itself or low temperature operating environment. Leather, metal, glass, aluminum, etc are among these special media types.

For this reason, the heating system integrated into the printing flatbed, is provided by KMAJET as an optional extra, for the situation where pre-heating of the substrate to be printed is required. The thickness of the flatbed with integrated heating system is about 2cm higher than the one without.

KMA02H with integrated heating and air-drawing system

KMA02H with integrated heating and air-drawing system

Except for the above-mentioned situation, there are also circumstances where the substrate is too thin and light to maintain smooth and level on the flatbed, such as PVC film, PE film and other thin materials. To resolve this problem, KMAJET has developed optional air-drawing device, which works on the principle that it draws air current downward through the numerous vents so as to “suck” and maintain firmly the substrate on the flatbed

Often the heating system and this air-drawing system are integrated into a whole unit and function together to fulfill a special printing task.

As different printing demands keep popping up, we as team at KMAJET will always be working together with our customers in providing printing solutions that meet their specific needs.

So, what is your problem? Contact us now to see if we can be of help.

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