What Is DTG Printer

DTG Printer stands for Direct To Garment Printer; as the name suggests with the help of this printer any person can print anything that they like onto a piece of clothing. There have been times when we get excited after seeing amazing pictures and the first thought that strikes our mind after seeing a beautiful picture would be “it would have been great if I could have this on my t-shirt”; but the person need not worry any more if they want any particular picture. DTG Printer allows the user to print any image that they want as per their likeliness.

Facts about DTG Printers

If a person is planning to use DTG Printers then they should know certain things quite in advance and few of the facts about DTG Printer are discussed below.

What is a DTG printer – A DTG Printer is a normal printer, just like the one that is used for the purpose of printing paper. DTG printers allows the user to print the image or any other content directly on to the garment.


How is a DTG Printer used – A DTG Printer is used in a similar way as that of the inkjet paper printer. The user just needs to select an image that needs to be printed on the garment and the garment should be placed in the printer and then slowly the garment passes through the printer later, the image is printed on the garment.

What garments are suitable to be used in DTG Printer – the user should only insert 100% pure cotton in to the DTG Printer otherwise there a possibility that the garment may tear off. It is always better to choose garments of dark color so that the light inks prints can be seen clearly or else the person can use light colored garments when they want to print dark colors.

Advantages of DTG Printer

There are many advantages of DTG Printer as compared to the other garment printers available in the market and they are as follows: –

a) To use a DTG Printer, the person just needs a high quality JPEG image, allowing the user to choose from variety of designs available. If the person is not able to find a readymade JPEG image then they can easily prepare the design in CorelDraw.

b) DTG Printer can print onto garments that are up to A3 in size. The user just needs to make the adjustment as per the size of the garment.

c) DTG Printer can be easily configured, making things easier and quicker.

Disadvantages of DTG Printer

There are few disadvantages of DTG Printer and they are as follows: –

a) The colored t-shirt that is undergoing the printing process should be pre-treated so that the color of the t-shirt and the printer color don’t get mixed.

b) DTG Printers needs to be maintained by way of proper cleaning so that the capacity of the printer is maintained to the fullest.

A DTG Printer is best suited for t-shirt printing businesses that are small scale and that doesn’t want to invest much.

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