KMAJET newly developed white ink management system

Nowadays, white printing application becomes more and more popular and important in the garment printing market, as the micro nozzle and chemical properties of white ink, head clogging is an issue with all DTG printers for a long time. KMAJET newly developed white ink circulation system, named WICS, which maintain the circulation of white ink continuously through the whole white ink supply system. Keep the white ink circulation run when the printer not in use, it will prolong the life of the print head by reducing head clogs dramatically.


White Ink Circulation System that can save users’ maintenance time, cost, and offers perfect quality on white ink printing. White Ink Circulation System is designed to effectively optimize white ink condition, ensures consistent printing quality and reduce the chance of sediments of white ink that prevent print head clogging issues found in many other brand printers. White Ink Circulation System is settled in the side of the sub tank and keeps ideal performance of white ink. WICS is developed to meet the needs of the print of dark-colored garment.


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