KMAJET released small-format flatbed UV printer

UV printing has been around for about a decade, but the cost and size of the equipment has been prohibitive. Utilizing a low-watt LED UV light and specialized proprietary UV LED inks, KMAJET has made a breakthrough to bring this technology to a line of economical, small-format flatbed printers.

KMAJET UV printers have solved print durability issues related to abrasion and solvents, while also delivering more effective, opaque white ink performance for higher-quality printing on dark materials. Our UV printers are designed for commercial and industrial products that will be viewed at an arm’s length, delivering crisp text and sharp, detailed images in vibrant color – no matter what substrate you’re printing on.

Our latest UV advancement, the KMA02UV, is a high-speed model that utilizes inline printing and produces breakthrough 3D textured prints. please visit youtube page at to see the printing in action.


KMAJET Printer prints directly onto surfaces including, but not limited to: wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass and plastic. Our UV LED inks are very flexible and won’t crack or flake off, even in very flexible vinyl applications.


Use KMAJET UV printer to print durable, ultra-high-quality, photo-realistic, full-color images and crisp text (up to 5760 dpi) onto:

  • Signage
  • Name badges and photo IDs
  • Plaques and awards
  • Customized promotional items
  • Injection-molded and industrial parts, microchips, dial faces and serial plates
  • OCR applications requiring fine detail and durable text
  • And much, much more…

Wondering if a small-format UV printer is the right techology for your application? Contact KMAJET

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