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Boasting a long list of customers from Danyang,one of the largest production bases for Glasses in China,KMAJET takes great pride in helping them extending their business lines,meeting increasing demand for printed fashion Sunglasses, sports spectacles as well as kid’s eyeglasses.

KMAJET has always been dedicating to providing a complete , effective as well as efficient printing solution for businesses in the eyeglasses industry. The idea is to print eyeglasses temples and front as separated parts before they are assembled into a finished products. Before printing,temples need to be lay flat on the temple holder,which is adjustable according to the specific size of each individual temple. With KMA02H,30 pcs temples can be printed at one time using two pieces of temples holders. In addition,to meet your larger production requirements, custom service for temple holders of varied sizes is provided to fit larger-format flatbed printer, allowing for higher productivity.

For brand image building and especially, for items promotion, you may choose to print your store or company logo on eyewear products. In addition to logo printing ,any other fashion designs can be printed on eyeglasses to achieve immediate eye-catching result.

Those eyewear items that can be printed include optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, spectacles frames, eyewear frames, eyeglasses frames, optics, sunglasses, specs, eye glasses etc. and eyeglasses accessories, such as eyeglasses cases, eyeglasses cleaning cloth, eyewear suitcase…

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