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canvas bag

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  • T-shirt

KMAJET digital flatbed inkjet printer, with the help of appropriate garment holders of different sizes---to fasten flat those textile items to be printed, can well serve the purpose of a wide range of textile products printing, thus known as Direct to garment printer ,digital garment printer or DTG printer.

Graphic and text decoration of garments including T-shirts, sports shirts, polo shirts, jeans, baby items, socks etc. are among the most common applications. With state-of-the-art ink solutions, especially developed for textile printing applications and, reliable performance, KMAJET enables printing on many different fabrics, such as linen, leather, PU, cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blend and more with the highest resolution, unique color density, wash fastness, and economy.

While for light colored fabric, the printing process is simple and fast, as easy as a desk inkjet printer for paper printing, dark fabric printing, however, has always been the biggest challenge facing direct to garment printing.,which requires a layer of white underbase to be printed first in order to achieve the brightest prints.Due to the chemical properties of white ink, it is difficult to solve the problem of print head clogging and general instability accompanying the application of white ink, which normally requires more maintenance than color inks. Fortunately, through years of dedication to the development and improvement of a reliable white ink and the whole printing mechanism, KMAJET succeeded in dramatically reducing white ink clogging and starvation by maintaining a continuous circulation of white ink through the entire white ink supply system.

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